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Using WordPress

So you have a successful blog and are looking for ways to monetise it? Well consider becoming a Partnify partner.


Partnify’s platform for creating and managing your own Partner and Affiliate programs combined with the Partnify subscriptions economy market place results in growing opportunities to secure ongoing income.

By joining Partnify you will see all the vendors in the marketplace and the campaigns they are offering. You can become a partner of them with literally one click.

Register to join the Partnify SaaS Marketplace.


The next step naturally enough is to start promoting the vendors of your choice. If your blog is a WordPress blog it is becoming so much simpler!

By installing the Partnify plugin you can instantly and easily add your selected vendors display ads to the footer and side panels of your blo

g or WordPress site. All your unique tracking that is required is also added, so your instantly underway.

Get going with the WordPress plugin.

It has has been tested with WordPress 4.9.3 and to get the plugin and instructions on how to install the plugin go here.

Update: Why Become a SaaS Affiliate? Take two minute to appreciate the Math of SaaS Affiliate Marketing.