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Navigating the Dashboard

Dashboard is the main resource that a partner will use once they have enabled a campaign. It proved information of your performance in the campaigns your are using, income and payouts. It also provides tips are recent announcements are also shown on this page. We recommend to become familiar with this page.

Working along the top of this image there are six boxes that reflect the key financial and campaign parameters. Take a moment to become familiar with them. Hovering over them provides additional information, as shown on account balance.

The graph directly under the boxes shows the ongoing performance of all campaigns you are currently promoting. 

Impressions: The number of times a display ad appears. It might be as a result of visiting a blog or other content the shows these ads. (social media shares do not create an impression.

Clicks: The number of time a display ad is "clicked" that takes a person to the landing page as defined by the vendor.

Conversions: This is when a person subsequently registers on the vendors site. It might not yet be a financial outcome. That will occur when the end user commences to pay for a service you have introduced.

The Circle of Cash.

This shows all the vendors your are working with and their relative payouts.

Performance by Asset

This shows all the campaigns and their relative performance. For instance it one ad is performing significantly better we would recommend swapping other ads for this one. Consider trends to optimise performance.

From left to right: The ad is shown, the campaign and vendor, the duration and metrics on performance.