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How do I choose the best vendors and campaigns to promote?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. In order to answer it fully we need to fully understand the attributes that make up a campaign as they have a significant impact on the amount you can earn from successfully promoting a particular campaign.

When a vendor creates a campaign there are several metric they need to select.

 In the above EXAMPLE MB00001 would reward a partner as follows:

Initial: $50.00 - upon a successful registration the partner would be rewarded $50.00

Recurring: $50 / 18 months - so long as the end user continues to be a customer the partner would receive $50 per month for 18 months.

Time limit : 182 days after click - if an end user  becomes a clients  before 182 days after a conversion ( that is say clicking through to the landing page) then that person will be attributed to you as the partner.

This is an example, whilst recurring is commonplace, it is unlikely to see such a generous commission plan of upfront and $50 per month recurring.  

Time remaining: We would recommend only selecting campaigns that have a considerable time to run.